Meet the Team | Hart Real Estate

Helping you find real estate solutions for business, for investment, and for life.

Hart Real Estate grew out of a dream and a necessity. After more than a decade serving clients, and the desire to continue to deliver exceptional service and professionalism, Hart Real Estate was created in 2015 by Tim and Lori Hart.

As our client base has grown, we recognize that a team can better deliver that service so we can put every client first. Therefore, when you hire Hart Real Estate , you are hiring a team - a team focused on finding a solution for your real estate needs. We know that people buy property for a purpose-a purpose leading towards greater life goals. As our name suggests, our objective is to better understand your needs, and position our team to meet those needs with great competency and care.

Whether your needs involve land, commercial properties, residential properties, or something in between, we recognize real estate may be someone's livelihood as well as someone's lifestyle. We want to distill the "big dream" down into bona fide steps to get you past any forks in the road and onto your destination.