Amazon is Expanding into the Real Estate Business

Amazon seems to be doing just about everything. They now deliver my groceries right to my doorstep, they can get me that bin I needed in under two hours, and they have just about anything you could ever need available to order. It begs the question, where do they go from here? How do you continue to grow a business that already does just about everything? Branch into real estate, of course!


There have been several small indicators that Amazon has been considering making a move into real estate. Amazon quickly tested a Zillow type feature that allowed individuals to connect with a real estate agent. This feature was removed almost as quickly as it was released. There was then a brief moment where Amazon considered branching into mortgage lending. While that option isn’t dead, we haven’t heard any recent updates on where Amazon is heading with mortgage lending.


The biggest and most recent indicator of Amazon’s expansion into real estate is a partnership with Lennar builders that was announced this last year. Amazon expanded their technology horizons with the introduction of Alexa. Alexa has given people the opportunity to transform their home technology. The new partnership with Lennar will allow Amazon to set up showrooms that feature a complete smart home. Alexa will be able to control your lights, your television, air conditioning/heat temperature, and much more. With the access Amazon has to technology advancement, we could be seeing an entirely new wave of trends in home building.

Amazon Alexa Smart Home Feature

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