Bozeman A Top Ten Ski Town from USA Today

The USA Today honored Bozeman as a top ten ski town in the United States, christening it the “adventure capital of the Northern Rockies.” From their website, the national paper pointed to Bozeman’s university town feel, its laid back vibe, and its restaurants and breweries as major factors towards highlighting it as a premier ski destination.

Bozeman’s great location to premier skiing made Bozeman stand out compared to other winter towns. Just 16 miles from Bridger Bowl and less than an hour away from Big Sky, Bozeman also maintains a level of affordability compared to other major ski towns.

In similar news, Big Sky was also honored as the 3rd best Ski Resort in North America by the same panel. also highlighted Bozeman’s amazing skiing. However, what stood out to the writer, was Bozeman’s ability to defy labeling and convention:

“Reflecting on the town during my flight out I struggled to pigeonhole the atmosphere. It wasn’t just a “hard-core skier town” or a “resort town,” although one could argue it’s a bit of both. Bozeman doesn’t harbor an intense local scene—although the Filling Station was a bit rough and tumble—nor is it a tourist trap. So what is Bozeman? In short, it’s a premier ski destination for individuals, friends and families. But it’s more than that. Bozeman is just Bozeman and it’s doing an excellent job of retaining its own unique identity in a land that’s still as wild and wide open as ever. It felt like whomever you were and whatever you were after, Bozeman was happy to make a little extra room on the bench for you.”

In 2014, Bozeman was honored as a top 25 ski destination in the world. As Bozeman continues to make lists like these, more skiers will want to test out the powder for themselves. Tourism in the area continues to grow, attracting more visitors and permanent residents to the Bozeman area.




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