Bozeman Continues to Improve Local Trail System

The Gallatin Valley Land Trust, the City of Bozeman and the Western Transportation Institute received additional funding last week to improve the West Side Trail between Bozeman Pond Park and Gallatin Regional Park.

The West Side Trail is used by runners, walkers, bikers and travelers alike. Children also use the trail as an alternative to streets and sidewalks to get to school by foot. The trail is a major artery between two of Bozeman’s major parks.

The three groups mentioned above received $167,000 to improve the trail from the Transportation Alternatives Program. A majority of the money will go to improving road crossings on the trail. Additional funds will be used to improve signs, lights curbs etc.

Improvements to the trail will begin in 2017.

Trails are a high amenity asset in Bozeman that continue to increase the property values of nearby residents. Trails have lead to high health in Bozeman and do a lot to give local residents an outlet for activities and fun.




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