Bozeman Scores 11th in Livability’s Top 100 Places to Live

Congratulations once again to Bozeman, Montana! It seems like somehow, some way, Bozeman manages to get mentioned in the lists of top towns in the US every month! After National Geographic’s rating of Bozeman as a top 25 ski town, it seemed unlikely it could do any better.

Well, yours truly thought wrong, as once again, Bozeman made another list. This time, honored Bozeman as the 11th Best Place to Live in the United States. More than 2,000 cities with populations from 20,000 to 350,000 were ranked. The 2,000 towns were considered in the top 5% of United States communities. Doing a quick bit of math that puts Bozeman in the top 0.55% of the top 5% of towns in the United States. Very, very impressive.

Livability called their list a result of “its editors criss-crossing the US in search of great stories.” Well, it looks like they found some great places too. The company picked communities that stood out for “doubling down” on the livability of its residents. They focused on towns that were accessible, affordable, and provided choices and options to its residents; but they also focused on how its residents utilized those benefits. Livability judged these towns based on a combination of more than 40 data points, grouped into 8 categories.

Amenities (81) – Having activities and places to do them made communities stand out.

Demographics (33) – How diverse and accessible is your community?

Economy (62) – prospering cities spawn prospering residents in continued positive cycle

Education (81) – Schools create better community members and drive relocation.

Health Care (81) – Having an institution in town, that can create high paying professional jobs, while also caring for its community’s residents

Housing (65) – Is housing in the area meeting its residents needs and budget?

Social and Civic Capital/Engagement (82) – How are people giving back and working for the community?

Infrastructure (62) – are the proper buildings in place. Is it easy to maneuver around the city? Is transportation difficult?

Bozeman’s high total score put it at 11 out of the 2,000 towns in the running. Bozeman also scored number one in Livability’s Health Outcomes and Health Factors ranking for the state of Montana. Bozeman scored number two in Livability’s Healthy Behaviors rank as well.

Bozeman has seen increasing exposure on the national conscience as a great town with great people, doing great things. Looks like the nation has finally wised up a bit! Bozeman’s increased reputation should only continue bringing positive events, people and prosperity to the valley we call home.




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