Community Connection: College M Trail

The M Trail is an extremely popular hike right outside of Bozeman. The trail is easy to get to and a great hike that appeals to multiple ages and ability levels. One of our agents, Denise, hikes the M trail 3-4 times a week. Read below for her thoughts on the trail and why she loves it!

You can also check out our full video to get a better idea of everything the College M Hike has to offer!

“I hike the M trail 3-4 days a week – it is a great work out hike that gives you a beautiful view of the city from the top.  This is the spot where the big white “M” is that you can see from pretty much anywhere in the city of Bozeman.   It is a busy hike – lots of runners, dogs, locals and tourists.  There is a decent sized paved parking lot and an out house at the base.  You can also park alongside the road if the lot is full (which it is a lot in the summer).  My favorite month to hike is June when all of the wildflowers are in full bloom.  I usually hike up the medium trail and run down the easy trail (it takes about :45 min. to accomplish this – I’m still not very fast!)  There are dog bags available at the bottom to clean up after your pet.  Most people do not leash their dogs on this trail – it is a great place to teach a dog socialization manners.  At the base there are 2 options – the .5 mile hike straight up to the M on the right (the hard side), or the 1.5 mile hike on the left (the easy side).  The hard side is tough – it is pretty steep (about an 800 ft. elevation gain from the parking lot to the M).  It is also hot if the sun is out – there are very few shady spots on the hard side.  About half way up the easy trail the medium trail splits off on the right.  The medium trail is 1.0 miles to the top and has a series of switchbacks towards the top which are definitely steeper than anything you experience on the easy side (there is also a wall where you occasionally see rock climbers).  All 3 are great hikes and land you at the big white “M” where there are a couple of benches and an incredible view.  There are many additional hikes you can do above the M (for instance Baldy mountain peak).  I really enjoy the M trail – I’ve been passed by an amazing 1 legged runner, met a new friend who was paragliding off the top, and taken countless pictures of vacationing families who persevered to the top.”

~ Denise Carr

Seller’s Agent with Hart Real Estate Solutions

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