Crepes and Waffles Coming Soon To Downtown Bozeman!

Sometime in April, Erik Esper will be adding one more cuisine to Bozeman’s wide selection of restaurants. Esper plans to bring a little piece of France to Bozeman with crepe and waffle joint downtown on Main Street. 

His restaurant, Stuffed Crepes and Waffles, will open in the space that used to be the Tonsorial Parlor Barber Shop, next to the Country Bookshelf. He plans to renovate the 400-square-foot space and spruce it up with a warm and inviting feel for customers. 

The menu will include a variety of both authentic and non-traditional crepes and waffles with sweet and savory combinations, smoothies, ice-cream, and parfaits. Parfaits are essentially the French version of ice-cream, made with custard-like puree and layers of yummy ingredients and fruit arrangements, then topped with whipping cream.

It will be a brick-and-mortar shop, meaning that it will serve both in-store and on-line sales, with an on-the-go style. Convenient for downtown strollers, the crepes will be wrapped in a sleeve and the waffles folded like sandwiches—perfect for a quick bite to eat while meandering around downtown.

It’s great to have such a diversity of culture in Bozeman, and Stuffed Crepes and Waffles will be adding one more to the list. Esper is excited about opening the restaurant, saying “Hopefully it’ll be a great success and serve the community well.”

Crepe and waffle joint coming to downtown Bozeman

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