Downtown Etha Hotel Breaking Ground

The Etha Hotel (working name) has started their groundbreaking build in downtown Bozeman. The 110 foot building is set to open in 2020. Due to the height of the building, the build requires a 175 foot crane, a first for any Bozeman building project. The Etha hotel is reconstructing the Old National Guard armory into the 9 story boutique hotel. The hotel will be an addition built on top of the old National Guard armory featuring an underground speakeasy pub. Once the hotel is complete, it will take over as the tallest building in Bozeman, surpassing the height of the Baxter building.

You can read more information about the new development from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle Below.

“A new crane is set to dominate Bozeman’s skyline over the next few months, and not the kind that flies.

On Wednesday, crews began constructing a 175-foot tower crane, which will be used to repurpose the old National Guard armory building downtown into a nine-story boutique hotel.

Called the Etha Hotel, the building is set to replace the Baxter as the tallest building downtown. The Etha will be about 110 feet tall, while the Baxter sits at around 80 feet, or 110 feet counting the sign on top. Because the Etha on Mendenhall Street is situated about 5 feet below the Baxter on Main Street, Etha developer Corey Lawrence said the building will peek out above the Baxter’s sign, but shouldn’t appear that much taller than it.

Building a structure that tall requires some pretty special equipment. That meant bringing in a tower crane, which Lawrence said is the first of its kind to be used in a construction project in Bozeman.

Getting the crane here was no small task. More than 20 semi-trucks were used to haul in the pieces of the crane, which will be built using a smaller crane. Tower cranes are usually just used in big cities, Lawrence said, with the one the Etha is using just coming from Minneapolis. Putting the crane together will take until the end of the week, and it’ll be up about four months.

Set to open in 2020, the steel-frame hotel will be built on top of the old armory building, which was designed by architect Fred Willson in 1941. It will feature a speakeasy-style pub underground with a bistro, community event space and music hall on the main floor.

There will be a groundbreaking ceremony at the end of this month, and the Etha, a working name, will have its final name revealed at a later date.”–foot-crane-comes-to-downtown/article_03bc6312-7e9b-5536-b1e6-5170d78754f2.html

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