Epic Fitness Center Bozeman – Your Local HIIT Workout Center

HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) has seen a growing market of interest in the last couple of years. The total body workouts can range in time, intensity, and level. HIIT workouts have become so popular in big cities that some studios like to compete for “the hardest HIIT workout you’ll ever take.” Personally, I enjoy being able to walk the following day, so I prefer going to challenging workouts that leave me feeling sore and strong, but not passed out on the floor unable to move.


Bozeman provides a wide array of options for gym memberships and group workout classes. Just a quick Google search gives me a great variety from barre, to hot yoga, to kickboxing. Epic Fitness Center, located near The Cannery District, peaked my interest with their HIIT workouts and focus on small groups. The small group workout class mentality works particularly well for me because I have nowhere to hide.


Epic offers a variety of classes including a selection of total body workouts, sculpting class, and ski conditioning. Their facilities and people are welcoming and comfortable. They have great range of equipment packed into a relatively small area. As HIIT workouts are usually my focus in my usual weekly routine, I decided to stay within my wheelhouse and try out their Group-X 60 minute total body workout. With only two of us in the class, it felt like a partner personal training session. Mike, the trainer, was an excellent support that pushed us to reach our limits, but never pressured us to do anything that would cause injury. Before class even began, he asked if we had any limitations that would cause either of us to need modification on any workouts. I was put at ease knowing that I would be pushed, but never to a place of injury. A quick run through of their staff bios boasts incredible athletic feats and a multitude of degree backgrounds and certifications.


While my class of only two was unusually small, the typical trainer to client ratio is still small enough to give the personal training necessary for a stronger, better you. The amount of oversight given really allows you to learn proper form to get the most out of your workout without hurting yourself. As I learned in class, I also took mental note of different exercises I wanted to incorporate into my own gym routine. You can check out a short video overview of my time spent at EPIC!


EPIC is about to partner with Mountain Air Dance to provide aerial silks fitness classes. Drop in classes are available for all class styles at EPIC with aerial classes beginning on February 25th. For further information about EPIC fitness, you can visit their website.

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