Hunting Season in Montana

As you know, Montana is the prime state for world class hunting, offering a wide selection of big game. Elk, deer, antelope, bison, black bear, mountain lion, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, moose, wild turkey—you name it, Montana has got some of the biggest and the wildest. Today, rifle hunting season for large game is well under way in Montana. With most big game seasons ending at the end of this month, and antelope season already ended, rifle season  is almost over. Make sure to get your hunting in before the season ends!

To make sure you don’t miss your chance this year, here’s a list of the rifle season dates for Montana.

Elk Season

October 22 – November 27

Deer Season

October 22 – November 27

Antelope Season (over)

October 8 – November 13

Bison Season

November 15 – February 15

Black Bear Season

September 15 – November 28

Mountain Lion Season

October 22 – November 27

Bighorn Sheep Season

September 15 – November 27

Mountain Goat Season

September 15 – November 27

Moose Season

September 15 – November 27

Wild Turkey Season

Fall:        September 1 – January 1

Spring:        April 9 – May 15

What’s special about Montana is that it has implemented a Block Management program that encourages private property owners, who tend to have the best vantage points, to give permission for public hunting on their land. This program provides nearly 7.8 million acres for fall hunts. There are many benefits of owning land in Montana, but one to consider if you love hunting, is hunting on your own land! Especially if you grow alfalfa. Montana alfalfa farmers would tell you all about how much big game love to wander through their fields. 

If you’re interested in the unique experiences of hunting in Montana, contact us to learn how we can help you live your dream of living where you hunt.  Bozeman and the surrounding communities are all amazing places to live and play.  Get out here and see what Montana is really about!

Ask us about our last hunting trip. Nathan (bottom right) shot his first mule deer last weekend!

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