New Paved Path from Bozeman to Bridgers!

In the early 1990’s, Chris Boyd, the founder of the Gallatin Valley Trust (GVLT), had a vision: construct a pathway that would connect Bozeman to the Bridgers. Almost 30 years later, this dream has been realized. The new 2.1 paved trail runs from Story Mill Park all the way to the iconic ‘M’ hike. Most importantly, the underpass under Bridger Canyon drive at the end trail allows all users to safely cross the dangerous, high-speed road. This new trail also connects to the Main Street to the Mountains trail system.

Ever since its founding in the 90’s, the GVLT has collaborated with the City of Bozeman to “link Bozeman’s core to public lands throughout the Gallatin Valley.” This mission has led to the creation and expansion of the Main Street to the Mountains trail system, which now includes over 80 miles of trails! Find a map of all of the trails here. This project began in 2012 when the public approved a $15 million bond for Bozeman trails, parks, and natural spaces. Of this sum, $675,000 was contributed to this new trail. The entire project cost just over $4 million, the remainder of which was brought in through an FHA Grant, the Collin’s Coalition, GVLT, and anonymous donors.

Though some were opposed to the idea of a paved trail, there was an overwhelming show of support from members of the local community in favor of it. Prior to the construction of the new trail, many were using the narrow and high-speed Bridger Canyon Drive as a trail; it was only a matter of time before someone got hurt, or worse. The trail being completed brings with it a feeling of safety to outdoor enthusiasts. Just another reason why Bozeman is truly a wonderful place to live!

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