New Runway and New Airline Coming to Bozeman/Yellowstone Airport

Bozeman will be the first airport in Montana to officially service American Airline flights. Starting in June, the airline will start servicing a direct flight from Bozeman, Montana to Dallas, Texas. Based on how the experiment goes, American Airlines hopes to expand into other Montana cities, as well as increase Bozeman’s travel options. Bozeman’s airport had more than a million visitors last year.

By adding an entirely new airline with additional direct flight options will increase a traveler’s ability to get to Bozeman. Bozeman’s tourism industry has lead to many visitors becoming permanent residents. Yellowstone has broken its visitor record in subsequent years so the area continues to attract more and more people. Bozeman’s economy, as well as its real estate industry, have seen huge lifts from the increased number of people living and traveling through Bozeman. Bozeman’s reputation has helped support the increase in visitors, but improving the area’s convenience will do a lot to get more people onto the plane.

Having American Airlines in Bozeman will also increase Bozeman residents’ ability to get out of town. Having more direct options will make Bozeman more travel convenient and may eventually end up lowering airline fares as competition increases. Flights in June and July are already booking quickly.

In addition to the news on American Airlines, official at the Bozeman/Yellowstone International Airport are also getting to work on building a second runway. The second runway would allow the airport to increase its total traffic, helping get more people in and out of Bozeman. The runway will be 5,000 feet long and 75 feet wide. It will be designed for smaller, slower planes that had previously taken up time and real estate from bigger, faster planes (like those seen from providers like American Airlines). The project will cost 8 million dollars and officials hope to start construction by the end of the year.



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