The Cannery District Opens a New Speakeasy

The Cannery District has capitalized on a recent trend for young adults across the U.S. by building a somewhat hidden speakeasy. Speakeasies were initially built during the prohibition as an underground bar and jazz club. As many long for older and simpler days, speakeasies have grown in popularity among the younger crowd. The themed jazz clubs are now popping up around the U.S. as an alternative to the usual bar scene. The crowds are smaller, the bar is cleaner and more sophisticated, the music is usually soothing jazz a la 1920’s, and the cocktails are fancy. Some speakeasies even have a secret knock associated with the club in order to get in. Speakeasies have managed to find the middle ground of young adults that don’t enjoy a bar scene, but still want to have an evening out.

Devil’s Toboggan, the name of The Cannery District Speakeasy, recently opened it’s doors to find great success. The menu is simple, but features thoughtful dishes. You can find small plates of everything from bison dumplings, to fancy salads, to braised pork tacos. The drink menu is fairly extensive with cleverly concocted cocktails. Part of the charm of speakeasies is their play on words and clever titles. Gin drinks such as “the last word” and “mad hatter” give a contemporary twist to old time classics. While nightlife is still very much a quietly growing scene in Bozeman, The Cannery District has definitely put themselves on the map of evening outings for those looking to escape back to the old days. You can check out the Devil’s Toboggan menu on their Facebook page as well as keep up to date on special ticketed events that they host.

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