The Cannery Expansion

The Cannery, just north of downtown Bozeman has become a growing piece of the Bozeman community. The historical pea cannery was re-purposed into a multi-functional business space. You can find everything from design studios, art studios, and food studios to small business offices. This re-purposed space has given smaller businesses a home with design sensitivity to the historical nature of the buildings.

The Cannery District has announced plans to expand to include housing options. The new building will feature a ground floor with a large commercial space and 52 apartment units. With the addition of the apartments to the current office space, The Cannery  is quickly becoming a small lifestyle community. The current projected date for completion is spring of 2020. 

The Cannery still has more land to develop future commercial and residential space, with about 1/3 yet to be developed. The addition of the apartment units will turn The Cannery from a 9-5 scene to a 24 hour living community. 

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