This American Grill Might Soon Be The New Favorite Place To Go In Bozeman

A new American grill is set to open on Bozeman’s west side this summer. Featuring 8,000 square feet of space with rooftop seating, a large bar, and even an arcade, Sidewinders will be bringing Bozeman a completely different style of restaurant. It’s located off Huffine Lane on Bozeman’s west side and is set to open June 1. 

The family business originates from Jackson Wyoming where the owner, Joe Rice, and his wife, daughter, and son-in-law opened six restaurants, one being the original Sidewinders that opened in 1997. Seeing the rapid growth of residential and commercial development on Bozeman’s west end, Rice found a need for a place to congregate in this area. 

Sidewinders is known for its chicken pot pies, French onion soups, and stuffed pretzels. The restaurant also offers burgers and steaks. Understanding our appetite for beer in Montana, the Sidewinders at our Bozeman location will offer an astounding selection of more than 70 draft beers! This may soon be the new fun place to hang out in town.

New American grill set for Bozeman’s west end

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