Time to Buy in Bozeman!


Despite the interest rate fluctuations, the market is moving nicely.  In Belgrade, new pendings exceed new listings and inventory is being absorbed.  Inside the Bozeman city limits, new pendings are nearly equal with new listings and the inventory is also being absorbed (down 15% from the end of December).  The condo market is improving drastically over last year, with inventory being absorbed and prices increasing overall.


Single Family Homes, Bozeman City Limits

Single Family Homes, Greater Bozeman Area

Single Family Homes, Belgrade

The message…..if you are a buyer who has been waiting to get into the market, current trends could work in your favor.  The sellers are a bit shell shocked from last year and some buyers are going to sit out—which gives current buyers an opportunity to take advantage of the inventory that is available.  
If you want more information to help you best navigate the current market, contact us.  We are here to help. 

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