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Allison Subdivision

Allison Subdivision is a South Bozeman Development that includes 50 lots, including single-family, multi-family, townhomes, and multi-residential properties. Located near Montana State University and Morning Star Elementary School, this neighborhood is just one of Bozeman’s newer southside developments.


As far as the location of the subdivision goes, Eldorado Country Estates is just south of MSU and Kagy Avenue. It is a relatively large development, being just under 50 acres in size. Shown first below is a wider look at Allison Subdivision and the surrounding area including Montana State University and neighboring developments. Shown second is a closer look at the subdivision and it’s details.

Allison Subdivision and Surrounding Area

Allison Subdivision in Bozeman - Boundaries and Surrounding Area

Allison Subdivision Boundary – Zoomed In

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